Crystal River couple arrested after man was badly beaten, plot twist


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Daulton Wayne Upchurch [left] and Carly Shea Lancaster
Crystal River — On Saturday, deputies responded North Seagull Point in reference to a domestic battery.

A man and woman were arrested after they attacked and severely beat a man while it was being recorded.

According to the arrest affidavits, Daulton Wayne Upchurch, 22, was arrested Saturday and charged with Aggravated Battery – Intentionally Causes Great Bodily Harm/Permanent Disability/Disfigurement and Battery on a Pregnant Person.

Carly Shea Lancaster, 20, was arrested Sunday and charged with Aggravated Battery – Intentionally Causes Great Bodily Harm/Permanent Disability/Disfigurement.

According to reports, the victim, John Bozeman, suffered a broken jaw, his face was covered in blood, and his eyes were swollen shut.

Bozeman said that Upchurch accused him of touching Lancaster and attacked him. He told deputies that Upchurch dragged him throughout the house while continually striking him in the face and head.

During the attacked, Lancaster jumped in and also began attacking Bozeman.

While the attack was happening, it was recorded. Reports infer that the attack was recorded by Lancaster, who later took a beating from her boyfriend.

During the investigation, deputies observed that Lancaster had contusions and swelling to both eyes.

When asked what had happened, she stated that Upchurch had beat her because he believed she was touching another man, Bozeman, while they had been drinking together.

Lancaster is pregnant with Upchurch’s child.

According to deputies, in the video, Bozeman yelled “Stop, I give up” several times due to the fact he had a broken jaw.

Upchurch is being held without bond, while Lancaster’s bond was confirmed at $5,000.