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“Sugarmill Woods neighbors should mind their own business”


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Homosassa — A feud is brewing between neighbors after homeowner Donald Dozier decided to have an attached garage added to his home in Sugarmill Woods.

Sugarmill Woods is a deed-restricted community and some neighbors are calling Dozier’s garage an “eyesore.”

Two of the women causing the big stink, Sue Hale and Carol Bush, say that the deed restrictions do not allow for a garage to be built that is only attached to a home by a breezeway.

Hale says the garage is an eyesore.

Dozier said he doesn’t care what his neighbors think and says he did everything legally.

According to property records, the permit was granted on November 6, 2020.

It reads: 11/06/2020 202013215 Construction of a 18′ X 38′ garage attached by a 9.42′ X 9.33′ breezeway *NOC RE

Once complete, the garage will have cost Dozier approximately $49,000.

The county determined that because the garage is, in fact, attached to the home by a breezeway that it is considered and has been recorded as an attached garage.

Initially, it was recorded as a detached garage, but the county later corrected the clerical error.

Many of the neighbors say that the garage is of no concern to them.

“It is his property, he should be able to do what he wants. Tell the ‘Karens’ to mind their own business or move,” one neighbor said.

The county said they will not get involved with deed restriction disputes, but have every intention of clearing up verbiage in the code to make it clear that a structure/garage connected to a home by a breezeway will be considered attached.

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