Man re-arrested while incarcerated, harassing domestic violence victim

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Thomas Burnett

Dunnellon — A man was re-arrested while in jail and charged with Violation of Condition of Pretrial Release (when the original arrest was for domestic violence) and Tampering or Harassment of a Witness/Victim/Informant.

Thomas Burnett has been in jail for domestic battery against the victim since May 9, 2019.

Following his arrest, Burnett was ordered not to have any contact with the victim.

However, while in jail, deputies said Burnett called the victim several times.

Deputies were able to listen to several jail recordings which showed Burnett had intimidated and harassed the victim via phone conversations.

During one call, the victim told Burnett that they could no longer be in a relationship because he was abusive.

Burnett replied by telling the victim that they would still be in a relationship because they were “meant to be together.”

“No, we are going to make it work. Listen to me, we are going to make it work. Who are you gonna’ go to? My brother? Go to f***ing John H. now? You stay right where you are supposed to be…right by my f***ing side,” Burnett told the victim.

During another call, Burnett stated, “Don’t show up for court. No victim, no trial. And don’t file a f***ing injunction on me.”

Burnett then proceeded to tell the victim that it was her fault that he was abusive and in jail.

“I am in jail because of your mouth,” Burnett told the victim.

On June 25, deputies went to the Citrus County Detention facility and re-arrested Burnett.

Due to the fact that Burnett violated his pretrial release conditions related to domestic violence, he was refused bail.

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