Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputy arrested, fired

Submitted photo-Deputy Jaime Lopez- Arrested

A Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputy, who was allegedly in the FTO program, was fired after he was arrested for domestic battery.

Jaime Lopez, 22, was arrested Tuesday following reports that he, on several occasions, physically abused and threatened a woman, 21, who he had previously been romantically involved with.

In an email to Ocala Post, it is described how Lopez frequently choked the woman and was mentally and verbally abusive. During one incident, Lopez punched and spat in the woman’s face. In 2018, during an argument, Lopez snatched her by the arm and violently slammed her into a concrete wall. The woman said that she was knocked unconscious during the incident.

Lopez would apparently always apologize but abuse her again following his apology.

The woman said Lopez became more violent and began stalking her after she broke it off with him.

At one point during his employment, Lopez used his department-issued computer to track down the woman.

According to those close to Lopez, he has “always been a hothead.” Ocala Post was told that the joke amongst his peers was; “he will be fired as fast as he is hired.”

Despite the fact that former Attorney General Pam Bondi, and the Attorney General before her, has stated that the F.S. Statute regarding concealing or protecting the identity of an officer only pertains to his or her employment, and not after they have been arrested, MCSO refuses to provide booking photos for any deputy arrested.

Lopez and the woman had previously been married.

Lopez was arrested charged with Domestic Battery by Strangulation. He was released on a $5,000 bond.

Lopez was hired on with MCSO in June of 2019.

The woman says that MCSO has assured her that Lopez will never again work in law enforcement.

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