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Citrus Gazette’s goal is to always bring truth to the news by not leaving out facts or details from official reports, key elements of interviews, or statements received during those interviews. Citrus Gazette will bring the news as it should be; clear, precise, and uncut.

We also protect the identities of individuals who do not wish to be named.

One of the most important rules in the journalism code of ethics is to ALWAYS be a voice for the people against a corrupt government when they cannot be a voice for themselves.

Citrus Gazette takes the time to properly research topics important to the public. Additionally, Citrus Gazette conducts additional research on all official reports.

Citrus Gazette continually follows up on the many tips received from readers.

We are only human! If at any time you find information to be incorrect in an article or would like to suggest an edit such as a misspelling, you are welcome to do so using the proper forms.

Citrus Gazette’s readership is constantly growing, therefore we strive to improve our content and website features on a daily basis.

Citrus Gazette owes it’s growth to you, the readers!

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