Florida House District candidate vows to sponsor bill to ban drag queen shows that allow children


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Florida — Rock Dazé, Republican candidate for Florida House District 52, On June 10 vowed to sponsor legislation to ban drag queen shows aimed at children when elected.

Daze said he will sponsor the legislation if Rep. Anthony Sabatini’s proposal to make it a felony for an adult to bring a child to a drag show isn’t approved in a special session by then.

If the bill is passed, the new law would make it a felony for an adult to bring a child to a sexually-themed drag show and allow authorities to terminate parental rights over violations.

The issue came to light after Palm Beach allowed an event titled “Pride on the Block: Drag Show for Kids!”

Critics say the Palm Beach event was “very sexual” in nature and was specifically for children. Many of the children were under the age of 13.

Sabatini said Florida needs legislation to protect children from the “Woke sickness adults and parents alike are forcing on young children.”

Daze said, “I agree 100% with Rep. Sabatini’s proposal to ban drag shows aimed at children. It’s child abuse, and kids need to be protected from this kind of sexualization!” He went on to say, “If there is no special session on this bill, I will sponsor it when elected!”

Rock Dazé is an F-14 TOPGUN pilot U.S. Navy Captain (Retired) and an America First Patriot who said he will fight for election integrity, family values, the sanctity of life, and strong borders while looking out for working families, veterans, and seniors.

If you would like more information on Daze, visit rockforflorida.com or www.facebook.com/rockfloridadaze.

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