Doctors threatened by pharmaceutical companies, medical board, if they speak out against the “shot”


Doctors say they are now being threatened with fines and revocation of their medical license if they speak to the media about COVID-19 “vaccines.”

This comes after several vaccine experts have testified before House Committees, exposing what doctors say is the real truth behind a shot that should have undergone at least another three years of testing.

Two doctors who went public, Dr. Dan Stock and Dr. Christina Parks, and went viral, have been labeled as “anti-vaxxers” and “conspiracy theorists.” Both doctors feel that the public and government alike, mock the educated and those who are versed in the field of vaccines.

Dr. Parks said it is not anti-vaxxers who are the problem.

Dr. Stock and Dr. Parks do not know one another, however, on August 19, when Dr. Parks, an expert on vaccines, spoke in front of a House committee, she expressed some of the same concerns as Dr. Stock and called into question the transparency of the CDC.

Facebook, who as of August 23, is being sued by the Federal Trade Commission for operating a monopoly, removed the public hearing video of Dr. Parks, citing public harm.

Senator Rand Paul called FB’s decision communism.

On September 7, The Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure said that any physician who speaks to the media or on social media about the vaccines, risks “disciplinary action including suspensions or revocation of their medical license” if the Board deems what a doctor says as “misinformation.”

On August, 26, a doctor in Orlando, who agreed to speak with the guarantee of anonymity, told Ocala Post that “almost all patients who are dying have been diagnosed with pneumonia and that, some types of pneumonia are extremely contagious and spread from person to person.

“Particularly pneumonia caused by bacteria or viruses can be contagious when the disease-carrying organisms are breathed into your lungs,” she said.

The doctor said to put this into perspective, there are many viruses that can cause pneumonia, and viruses can pass from person to person easily. For example, she said the influenza virus can survive on surfaces, making it even more contagious.

Bacterial pneumonia can spread from person to person as well.

Fungal pneumonia passes from the environment to a person, but it’s not contagious from person to person.

The doctor said she is not saying that “COVID” has not caused sickness, but says many variables have not been told to the public in regards to the vaccines.

Dr. Parks says the “vaccine” was supposedly designed for the first variant but does not believe that any of the vaccines protect people from any of the new variants.

During a press conference in early August, former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, said, “This is going to become more of an endemic illness where you see sort of a persistent infection through the winter, but not at the levels that we’re experiencing certainly right now.”

Endemic means COVID will be regularly found among people.

Gottlieb followed his comment with “Booster shots will play a role in getting the US to that phase.” Turns out that Gottliebcurrent is not only a former FDA Commissioner but also currently a Pfizer board member.

The Orlando doctor said, “This is a serious problem. The public is being misled. My colleagues and I were to blow the whistle on this, but if we do, the drug rep companies who supply us with free samples will cut us off. That would greatly affect my low-income patients. We are also concerned about government overreach.

Readers always ask why the mainstream media fails to cover this. It’s simple. Most of the mainstream media outlets have financial ties to pharmaceutical companies. This includes big tech like Facebook and Google that have received billions in advertising revenue from the very companies who created the COVID vaccine. Facebook alone received over five million in payments for advertising. Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have all engaged in deleting information, comments, and articles pertaining to COVID vaccines. On several occasions, Facebook has had to issue apologies when information was proven to be correct. The company Facebook uses for its “independent” fact-checking is actually operated by Facebook.

Doctors say that there are two kinds of physicians; those like Dr. Parks, Dr. Stock, the Orlando doctor, and many others who follow the science…and those who are greatly profiting from COVID-19.

Gov. Ron Desantis said he will not allow doctors in Florida to be treated in this fashion.

DeSantis’ office, said, “It’s sad to hear that doctors ‘are scared to come forward out of fear of ridicule and government overreach.’ This silencing of different perspectives is anti-science, and Governor DeSantis has always made a point of seeking out advice from experts with perspectives that challenge the dominant narrative. Scientists and medical professionals everywhere should be able to share their research findings and observations without fear of retaliation.”

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