USPS refuses to deliver mail to a Citrus County neighborhood


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Citrus County — Inverness Village 4, a Citrus County neighborhood, has now been denied mail delivery due to the condition of the roads.

USPS sent out a letter to residents. In the letter, they describe the roads as impassable.

According to neighbors, the development was built with no drainage and roads were never installed even though the streets have been deemed as public.

Residents say the roads are worse than a sandy beach.

Homeowners are frustrated because the builder is pointing the finger at the county and vice versa. Van Der Valk Construction built many of the homes in the area. The construction company says it is not their responsibility.

County Commissioner Holly Davis said any further discussion about the neighborhood will not go to her.

Davis, said, “I’m done.”

Davis said her “toolbox” is empty at this point.

In a statement, USPS, said, “Until the roads are fixed all residents must pick up their mail at the Interview Post Office on Hwy. 41.

Residents say they won’t hold their breath because the county has done nothing to help anyone at this point.

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