FWC: Weekly outdoor crime report

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Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission law enforcement officer on water patrol. FWC photo by

Officer Browning was on land patrol at Macrae’s Boat Ramp when he observed four individuals fishing from the dock. The officer checked the fishermen and located 18 undersized mangrove snapper in a cooler. The appropriate citations were issued.

Officer Browning was on water patrol in the Salt River when he observed the operator of a commercial oyster vessel returning from an area known for oyster harvesting. An inspection revealed several violations including undersized oysters, oysters not culled at the bed, and operating a vessel without a hull identification number. The operator of the vessel has a history of commercial oyster violations; he was placed under arrest and booked into the Citrus County Jail.

Officer Banks was working at a check station in the Flying Eagle Wildlife Management Area during the general gun quota hunt. A hunter brought in two deer, and the officer noticed one of the deer did not meet the legal antler requirement. A resource citation was issued for the violation.

Officer Butler investigated a complaint about trespassing on private property. The complainant advised he met with the subject who was trespassing and told him not to return to the property. Officer Butler discovered evidence that the subject was continuing to trespass, met with him and warned him about the violation. He followed up the investigation by setting up a game camera at the site and captured the suspect on camera pouring out corn and hunting the property at night with a firearm. Charges are being filed with State Attorney’s Office.

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