Letter to the Editor: What a stupid a*s place to put a Wawa, corrupt Crystal River government


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Crystal River — When I moved here sixteen years ago from New Jersey, I was moving away from traffic and local government corruption.

Now, I find myself in a town with every other tag from Pennsylvania AND government corruption.

I have to say that the Wawa gas station at the corner of US 19 and Gulf to Lake Highway was the most dumba*s place to build a gas station. Really, it was the most stupid a*s place to put a Wawa.

The traffic at that intersection is ridiculous and trying to get out of that gas station without getting T-boned is almost impossible. No one obeys the speed limit, especially the snowbird Yankees who don’t belong here.

I get it…your hometown is on lockdown… too bad. Go the hell home.

The city council members in Crytal River took a bribe to allow that Wawa to be built. They call the check they are given a “community contribution.” A normal, self-thinking person not brainwashed calls it a bribe. We are talking about the same government that siphoned CARES funds to go toward a boardwalk. Funds meant for the citizens and businesses of the community.

I have seen enough bribes from up north to last me a lifetime and know a bribe when I see one. Hence why up north they do not allow “community contributions” because the public knows exactly what it is.

The mayor of Crystal River and the city council, along with Cirus County commissioners should be ashamed.

Gas stations and car washes are all this town knows…and at the wallets of the taxpayers.

Tony Valentinetti
Crystal River

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