Video: Children test their speed using sheriff’s portable radar detector


Okeechobee, Florida — Two things you typically don’t see today — a mullet and kids outside playing having a great time.

The Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office recently placed a portable speed detector in a neighborhood and unlikely “suspects” decided to test it out.

In all honestly, the sheriff’s office said the detector was placed in the neighborhood all in good fun with the intention of allowing everyone to get outdoors and have a good time.

A father from the neighborhood, Noah Underwood, recorded the video and wrote, “I’m glad the sheriff’s dept put this speed checker out here in the 7.” He tagged the video #kidsbeingkids and #howfastcanyourun

The sheriff’s office shared Underwood’s video and wrote, “We love the ingenuity of our youth! We recently set up a ‘test your skills’ challenge in one of our local neighborhoods. If you would like one for birthdays, community fairs, or just to test your skills, contact us. Enjoy your weekend !!”