Recreational bay scallop season for certain counties begins today


scallop season 2019, crystal river

Recreational bay scallop season for Franklin through the northwestern portion of Taylor, as well as Levy, Citrus, and Hernando counties opens July 1 and will remain open through September 24. This includes Carrabelle, Lanark, St. Marks, Cedar Key, Crystal River, and Homosassa.


Do not discard scallop shells in inshore waters commonly used for recreational activities such as the Homosassa River or Crystal River. Piles of discarded scallop shells can create hazards for swimmers and damage seagrass habitat. Scallop shells can be discarded in trash receptacles or in larger bodies of water where they are more likely to disperse.

Bag limits and other regulations

Bag and vessel limits for 2019 through the entire bay scallop harvest zone are two gallons of whole bay scallops in the shell or one pint of bay scallop meat per person, with a maximum of ten gallons of whole bay scallops in the shell or a half gallon bay scallop meat per vessel.

Scallops may be collected by hand, or with a landing or dip net.

There is no commercial harvest allowed for bay scallops in Florida.

Direct transit of legally-harvested bay scallops is now allowed through closed areas.

Boaters may not stop their vessels in waters that are closed to harvest and must proceed directly to the dock or ramp to land scallops in a closed area.

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