How Floridians handle a hurricane, a Mustang didn’t make it


Citrus County — Hurricane Elsa spared Citrus County from severe damage as it hugged Florida’s Gulf Coast, although, there was some flooding and a few downed trees.

Nearly 1,700 Citrus County residents lost power. However, by Wednesday night all power had been restored.

While construction zones and neighborhoods flooded, it did not stop many Floridians from enjoying the beach as it was pounded by the outer bands of the hurricane.

At times, the wind was strong enough that the raindrops did sting as they hit the skin.

In the video, friends Luke M., Aiden H., Ryan B., and Gavin take advantage of the high waters and ride a boogie board as it’s being pulled by a truck.

Residents Presley and Carlos race toward the Gulf water to take a dip.

Unfortunately, the driver of a black mustang did lose control of his vehicle as he was headed down Fort Island Trail and ended up in the water.

The driver, who was not injured, was able to exit the vehicle and get someone to pull his vehicle out.

Just the fun part of the video

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